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This is a demo quiz that repeats the same questions. It includes all the types of questions in our quiz engine.

What They’re Saying

I passed so that's pretty great. I used this site almost exclusively to pass my test.

Russell Collins


I passed the actual exam today. Couldn't be happier to get that garbage test out of the way. I used this as my primary source of learning the material and it obviously works.

Russell Collins


I took the CISSP for the first time yesterday and passed with the (new) minimum number of questions (125). The cccure practice questions were a great way to prep. At the time, I thought some of the questions were a bit dodgy and maybe the answers were a bit iffy. But, wow, that is how MOST of the exam questions were too! Definitely a great tool to have in your belt as you prepare for the exam.


Cybersecurity Operations

I used CCCURE for CISSP, CCSP, Security+, CASP, and Network+. The questions were great and very similar to the exams. I have a lot of experience in these areas already so these practice exams were exactly what I needed to refresh on areas I needed.

Scott Sailors


CCCure is an outstanding resource for CISSP test practice. I like how I was able to create domain specific quizzes of ~50 questions, and then full length tests ~130 questions across all domains. This helped me improve in focused areas, and also gain confidence in my overall test taking aptitude. I practiced until I had seen all the available practice questions and was consistently in the 80%-90% range. I passed the CISSP on my first try. I saw approximately 130 questions, and took ~ 2.5 hours to finish the exam. The CCCure questions are on target as far as testing both general, and ve...

Troy Freeman

Comcast Business / Sr. Solutions Engineer

Passed my CISSP on 5/31/2022. Went through the whole 150 questions like a champ but was very nervous about it. I attend a couple of boot camps offered by my job and used cccure and boson exams engine to study. Initially I was making the mistake of not taking the time to understand the ask of each question. After several practice exams I finally got a grip on the nature of how the questions are asked. The CISSP is mostly scenario based questions and the practice exams helps in training the mind in understand the scenarios. Materials Used: CCCURE test engine Boson Test engines 11th hour M...



I PASSED THE SECURITY PLUS EXAM WITH A 754. This test bank will get you the methodology of the test, but the content will differ slightly. I attempted the exam twice. My primary means of studying were Prof. Messer videos and this test bank.

Ty Thompson

Macro Solutions/Service desk Technician

I find it hard studying from written media, I certainly did not posses the desire to read any of the books I purchased cover to cover. However, using the 'study quiz' functionality of the site I was able to find my weak points and really focus on studying those. I found repeated quizing on all areas, and then repeat quizing on the questions I got wrong was the fastest way for me to learn.. I have been in the IT industry for some 23 years, and in the Cyber Sec for the last 5 and a bit.. I really dislike doing exams, and the countless posts, blogs and video's outlining just how hard ...

Mike Hudson

Lead Cyber Security Analyst

CCCure facilitated my learning process to identify weak domains in the CISSP. I was able to dial in my readings to those domains and really learn where my weaknesses were. I successfully passed the exam recently in just over 62 minutes and 100 questions. This is a great tool to develop test confidence and get a feel for questions and the train of thought needed.


Communications Officer

The practice exams were beneficial to helping me get prepared to pass the CISSP. Studying and knowing the material are elements of the exam. After my exam, I felt like I went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. Just like an athlete, having "test stamina and endurance" is key to have your mind ready on exam day. Taking smaller 50-100 question practice exams will not get you ready when it comes to exam day. The 200 question practice exams got me prepared for what to expect.

Paul C

Viasat/Systems Engineer

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The CCCure quiz engine now offers two study modes:Study Mode and Test Mode

The new Study Mode is for people who are just starting to do quizzes with our quiz engine.In study mode you can click on the button labeled Show answerto see the correct answer and explanation.

This allows you to find out the correct answer immediately. This way you don't have to wait until the quiz is completed.

In Study Mode the timer is disabled and you can take your time doing the quiz, you can lookup answer within your study book or an online web site. After you have completed a few quizzes in Study Mode you can switch to Test mode to see how much you have retained.

The traditional Test Mode allows you to take a quiz as if it was on the real exam. The timer is activated and you cannot see the questions answers. This mode is used to confirm that you have retained the information you have reviewed while in Study Mode.

NOTE: Tracking and Statistics are not kept for any quizzes done in Study Mode

It is recommended that you always use the PRO level questions.

They are the closest to the real exam questions.

The harder the questions, the more points you would get on the real exam


No more cut and paste into a word document.

The quiz does it for you.

This option allow you to review any of the questions that you have not answered properly on quizzes you have taken previously.

This is a great tool for reinforcement of your weak points.

This option is not visible until you have completed a few quizzes.


The old quiz engine was picking questions randomly from our very large database.

Sometimes some of the questions in the database were never presented to the quiz taker

this option allow you to get questions that you have not seen on any exam ensuring that you

do get ALL of the questions that exists. Use this option after taking a few quizzes on the

same domain to ensure you cover the whole set of questions


When you select this option, you will only review the questions which you answered wrong. Those are usually the questions that YOU DON'T KNOW, which is what you must focus on. Ensure that you review each of the questions you answered incorrectly one by one to find out WHY you missed it. This way you don't waste time reviewing what you know but invest time only in reviewing what you don't know. This is how you can drill down on your weaknesses and improve your knowledge of the CBK.