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I passed so that's pretty great. I used this site almost exclusively to pass my test.
Russell Collins, N/A   2023-04-30 20:29:04
Has completed 534 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 77.9

I passed the actual exam today. Couldn't be happier to get that garbage test out of the way. I used this as my primary source of learning the material and it obviously works.

Russell Collins, CEO   2023-04-06 06:10:42
Has completed 534 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 77.9
I took the CISSP for the first time yesterday and passed with the (new) minimum number of questions (125). The cccure practice questions were a great way to prep. At the time, I thought some of the questions were a bit dodgy and maybe the answers were a bit iffy. But, wow, that is how MOST of the exam questions were too! Definitely a great tool to have in your belt as you prepare for the exam.
Stephanie, Cybersecurity Operations   2023-02-23 17:32:13
Has completed 2538 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 81.56
I used CCCURE for CISSP, CCSP, Security+, CASP, and Network+. The questions were great and very similar to the exams. I have a lot of experience in these areas already so these practice exams were exactly what I needed to refresh on areas I needed.
Scott Sailors, CISO   2022-11-28 01:50:04
Has completed 3185 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 78.24
CCCure is an outstanding resource for CISSP test practice. I like how I was able to create domain specific quizzes of ~50 questions, and then full length tests ~130 questions across all domains. This helped me improve in focused areas, and also gain confidence in my overall test taking aptitude. I practiced until I had seen all the available practice questions and was consistently in the 80%-90% range. I passed the CISSP on my first try. I saw approximately 130 questions, and took ~ 2.5 hours to finish the exam. The CCCure questions are on target as far as testing both general, and very detailed and specific, knowledge from the CISSP common body of knowledge. However I will say that the actual exam questions were more vague and situational; less focused on specific facts and details. I will come back to CCCure when it's time to study for another certification exam.
Troy Freeman, Comcast Business / Sr. Solutions Engineer   2022-08-18 17:24:54
Has completed 2809 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85.9
Passed my CISSP on 5/31/2022. Went through the whole 150 questions like a champ but was very nervous about it. I attend a couple of boot camps offered by my job and used cccure and boson exams engine to study. Initially I was making the mistake of not taking the time to understand the ask of each question. After several practice exams I finally got a grip on the nature of how the questions are asked. The CISSP is mostly scenario based questions and the practice exams helps in training the mind in understand the scenarios. Materials Used: CCCURE test engine Boson Test engines 11th hour Mind Maps videos on youtube FRSecure Bootcamp Percepio Bootcamp CISSP Flash cards. The cccure test engines helps in providing you with several perspective on a certain question because you will see several variations on that question thus helping you understand the ask and content.
Emil, ISSO   2022-06-01 11:23:23
Has completed 1843 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 68.86
I PASSED THE SECURITY PLUS EXAM WITH A 754. This test bank will get you the methodology of the test, but the content will differ slightly. I attempted the exam twice. My primary means of studying were Prof. Messer videos and this test bank.
Ty Thompson, Macro Solutions/Service desk Technician   2022-03-23 11:23:02
Has completed 902 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 75.28

I find it hard studying from written media, I certainly did not posses the desire to read any of the books I purchased cover to cover. However, using the 'study quiz' functionality of the site I was able to find my weak points and really focus on studying those. I found repeated quizing on all areas, and then repeat quizing on the questions I got wrong was the fastest way for me to learn.. I have been in the IT industry for some 23 years, and in the Cyber Sec for the last 5 and a bit.. I really dislike doing exams, and the countless posts, blogs and video's outlining just how hard the CISSP was did nothing to help my fear. However, I tried to put that to the back of my mind and continued studying through CCure quizing, YouTube Videos, CISSP for Dummies book, the official study book and practice exams book and the Sunflower PDF and finally my own notes taken from a wide variety of places. I took my exam yesterday and passed on my first attempt.. Good luck everyone..

Mike Hudson, Lead Cyber Security Analyst   2022-01-26 14:02:20
Has completed 3592 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 72.8
CCCure facilitated my learning process to identify weak domains in the CISSP. I was able to dial in my readings to those domains and really learn where my weaknesses were. I successfully passed the exam recently in just over 62 minutes and 100 questions. This is a great tool to develop test confidence and get a feel for questions and the train of thought needed.
Jason, Communications Officer   2021-10-12 19:34:05
Has completed 3955 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 76.26
The practice exams were beneficial to helping me get prepared to pass the CISSP. Studying and knowing the material are elements of the exam. After my exam, I felt like I went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. Just like an athlete, having "test stamina and endurance" is key to have your mind ready on exam day. Taking smaller 50-100 question practice exams will not get you ready when it comes to exam day. The 200 question practice exams got me prepared for what to expect.
Paul C, Viasat/Systems Engineer   2021-08-20 15:29:16
Has completed 2824 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 77.66
this cccure is very helpful but still planning to take my exams in september
mbah noela, none yet   2021-07-29 12:05:23
Has completed 2316 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 41.41
The questions presented really helped me reassure my knowledge of the information obtained during my studies. Using the official study guide, videos on YouTube, and CCCure helped me pass the CISSP today. Thanks for providing this tool.
Reginald Wheeler, Retired AF   2021-06-30 22:45:41
Has completed 2283 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 91.41
I passed and I feel this did prepare me well. The newest exam did hot on some items my study material did not address at all. The feel of these questions helped considerably .
Ron Burns, Bluewater Federal   2021-06-01 19:24:57
Has completed 2948 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 69.23
These quizzes helped me obtain my CISSP on the first try! Highly recommend them.
Brandon Walker, Cyber Engineer   2021-02-22 19:36:49
Has completed 1416 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 71.54

I passed my CISSP last Friday 02/12/2021. I just wanted to say that the cccure quiz questions have helped me a lot in understanding concepts and analyzing questions before picking up the correct answer. The exam is really a tricky one, you need to understand the English language also study the material. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I look forward to studying for CCSP-any recommendation? Thanks.

Justin Kankwenda, Cybersecurity Professional   2021-02-16 00:38:16
Has completed 2134 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 76.15
CCCure really helped me to get ready to take the CISSP exam. Study mode really allowed me to understand why I missed certain questions. These tests also allowed me to see what my weak subjects were over a period of time. I don' think I would have passed without CCCure. If you're not a strong test taker, I think this one of the best ways to gain a lot of practice so you're not completely overwhelmed when the times to test comes around.
Ryan, Security Engineer   2021-01-05 21:57:52
Has completed 6279 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 81.41
I passed the exam yesterday in 90 minutes and 103 questions, and I was absolutely certain I failed it when the test ended abruptly, of the things that I drilled basically none of them were on the exam, I saw 0 questions on kerberos, raid, fire suppression, OSI etc. The test for me leaned heavily towards the SDLC. I think the designers of this exam, are not looking to identify great engineers but people that can read and speak to complicated issues where there is not always a good solution and best judgement needs to applied with often limited or incomplete information around the areas of risk and general information security principals. In a few moments of panic my engineer brain was telling me I signed up for the wrong test and coming here was a mistake, and in hindsight I believe the test is intentionally designed to get inside your head and test your ability to understand complex topics and apply best judgement by giving you bizarre and seemingly non-sensical questions. Although the material questions here were almost useless to completing the exam, this does prepare you to read carefully and to think like the test designers so in that sense it was very helpful.
Tyler Younger, Cyber Security Engineer   2020-12-31 13:19:08
Has completed 730 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 83.01
I was able to pass this exam on my 1st attempt and it was a tough for me. This exam is not a memorization test but actual logically thinking and your experience. None of the questions on CCCure were on the exam but that is expected from other comments. What this site provides is a good feel for how the exam format and question types. A lot of the topics that I covered in detail was not even on the exam. I would 70-80 percent of the material were not on the exam and for the ones that were, each question was tricky. There were only a few that I was confidence in my answer but the rest 95% were down to a toss up between two. This is very like an English exam because I had to read each question several times to figure out what the question is about. I am not sure why they try to be so tricky with the wording so just take your time and read each question carefully. It took me much longer than expected to pass because I spent 2 1/2 hours to pass the exam. I watched youtube videos and used CCCure practice questions to pass this exam. I didn't read the book at all and only use it as a reference for topics I need further clarification on. Good luck everyone!
T.Tran, Platform Engineer/Oporation   2020-12-05 12:36:20
Has completed 3814 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 66.2
Even though I have lots of experience, I am 100% sure that i wouldnt have passed it without the practice tests. This is a great tool and the entire worth it. Thank you for helping me pass the CiSSP exam in my first attempt.
Rajesh Chakram, Cisco/Director   2020-11-20 02:49:20
Has completed 790 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 74.81

Hello. I successfully passed the CISSP on 29th October. Was a monster of an exam. Exactly what every one says about it is true and especially how to approach it. This test bank will cement the required approach into your mind. I completed many test questions and in the final 2 weeks I replayed a Youtube webcast from a study group. This helped me greatly. Also I found the official ISC CISSP test App was very helpful. I highly recommend you find and join a suitable study group - I wish I had done so earlier in my journey.. I passed at around 102/103 questions. My one piece of advice would be to ensure you become extremely proficient at determining the best answer. In many cases you will be faced with a question that does not have an obvious correct answer. Think very hard why answers are incorrect and that will likely leave you with the remaining correct answer. Good luck to all. It is a wonderful feeling when you pass this exam.

Rizwan Shamim, MUFG   2020-11-02 12:57:10
Has completed 10000+ questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 90% Average
Passed CISSP successfully today at 100 questions after 1 month of learning with CCCure and the Official Study Guide. Disclaimer: Don't expect to see a single question straight from either the CCCure tests or the Study Guide at the exam. This is not a test dump. The practice questions available here help you to get used to the mindset of the exam, show you where you are still lacking full knowledge of the domain and provide a decent explanation of why you'd choose a specific answer for a question with the words best / false / ultimately responsible. Don't skimp on practicing: after you did a few full 150 question test quizzes, make sure to use the Unattempted Questions only option so you won't just learn the answers to the familiar questions. Also, use Questions that were answered wrong previously option to revisit all mistakes after every few tests. Both features were really useful, thanks CCCure team!
Ben, IT manager   2020-10-28 16:57:01
Has completed 2850 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 83.44
I passed the CISSP on my first try and your quiz engine was a big help. I used pretty much only the test mode and as I go closer to the date I took a minimum of two (150) question test a day. and on weekends four or five a day. Your tests got me used to working with scenario questions and also taught me how slow down and go through each question. Thanks! I will be back for the CCSP Test!
Jeff Godoy, Information System Security Engineer (ISSE)   2020-10-03 01:20:47
Has completed 5510 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 77.19
I found the quizes for the SEC+ 501 exam to be extreamly helpfull. They tended to be alot harder than the ones I actually recieved on the Exam. After cramming for about a week I was able to pass with a 777. Personally I would love to see more practical exercises. Those where the questions that I had the hardest time with. I would really look into actually setting up a fire wall, What phsical and software security measures to put on a device.
Caleb Turner, S6 United States Army   2020-09-27 15:16:04
Has completed 602 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 67.77
Passed CCSP last Friday and I wanted to share my experience and feedback. A bit on my background - I have 20+ years of IT experience, 7+ years of experience in hosted and cloud deployments, 3+ years in InfoSec. During the past 3 years I have attempted CISSP and failed twice, so I was familiar with the ISC(2) format. Instead of sitting for the CISSP once again I introspected and decided CCSP was probably a better exam due to my work primarily in cloud and how the IT industry is transforming. I used the following study material - 1. CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide - Ben Malisow 2. CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional All-in-One Exam Guide - Daniel Carter 3. CCCure CCSP quiz 4. I read a lot of relevant ISO/NIST/EU/CSA online resources and made notes based on the above 3 study sources. For example, did a lot of reading from CSA topics online. Read my company ISO/SOC/PCI/HIPAA/FedRAMP pertaining to our XaaS solutions (I guess this is where I leveraged my real life experience). Out of the 2 books I found first #1 better crafted (readable) and #2 had very useful focus area highlights (exam tips). The practice exam questions in the books seemed very easy to me but definitely helpful. I have to commend CCCure CCSP quiz engine for the quality content. I think they served as a great resource for not only giving an idea about the exam format but also the topics. The detailed explanation was pretty helpful and I expanded on those topics from online resources. I think the questions cover a very wide range of topics and even things outside the two books, like Jericho CUBE. One suggested area of improvement would be more content on DevOps and SecOps pertaining to cloud. Prior to exam I read lot of reviews about the 'English language' framing. To a degree I would agree but personally I feel it's done to challenge some part of your psychometric analysis and the key is to be a very 'careful reader' and not a 'selective reader'. My mother tongue isn't English, don't claim to have the best English, but it was my first language since school/college days. I didn't find the English grammar or sentence construction too off in the exam. May be I was lucky! I have seen and passed exams from my company and they seem to follow similar format. So honestly I’m not very surprised. To ace the exam not only you need to have the required work experience but also think and answer strategically and not tactically. For example, if you are asked about a data breach, and the options are short term vs long term controls, what would you prefer. As a security manager, architect, leader have the 'big picture' in mind. This is a BIG thing I learnt coming off my two failed CISSP attempts. Right at the onset when I started studying I knew I made the right choice. The CCSP content and exam is really focused to cloud and CISSP in my opinion though great/helpful doesn't equip you properly to be a cloud architect (just my perspective). But it's definitely complimentary. So I'm glad I pursued it and got what I wanted. Thanks CCCure and best wished to everyone!!!
Subhro, Enterprise Architect   2020-08-31 00:14:24
Has completed 1965 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85.09
So a friend recommended me to get CCcure as it will help for exam and yes it did . I passed CISSP with 100 ques . All I can say abt CCcure is it has guge database of question which covers all the topics in CISSP syllabus . It will let you know which is your weak domain .. explanations are really good . Only drawback is questions are very repetitive which can be cured by auditing question. Again questions are not close to real exam but This will help u know ensure that you have covered all topics.
Hrishikesh Samant, SOC Lead - Inspira Enterprise India pvt Ltd   2020-08-16 06:39:15
Has completed 1980 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 77.41

Normally, I don't usually post feedback after my exams. But I just have to make a post to give some advice. I Took the CCSP exams yesterday after using the materials on this site and materials from Willy and Todd. I read more than 6hours every day for three months and a half but failed the exams yesterday 24/07/2020 and I have also failed CISSP in the past as well. Let me point it out that out of the 125 questions in the CCSP exams no single "exact or even look alike" questions came out from this site or even study questions from other materials I used for preparation. Now I discovered the problem is within ISC2. Let me point it out that I have written other exams such as Cisco exams, Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt, e-council CEH, CompTIA exams, and many more. The problem I discovered is that ISC2 has a way of wording their questions that makes it very difficult for people to pass such that all materials used for study and preparations become irrelevant. Most times, one is able to eliminate two questions out of the four options presented but then the remaining two are such that you can't do away with either. Again the phrasing and wording of the options apart from the question itself are crazy. Why don't ISC2 stick with their study materials? it doesn’t make any sense studying with so many materials and on the day of the exam, it becomes a different ball game struggling to interpret questions. I am done with ISC2 and moving to other non-vendor specific cloud exams!

NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  Timothy, thanks for your precious feedback.  This is one of the most common complaints we hear all the time.  Why make the questions so convoluted and hard to understand.  This is not an English test, it is a technical test.   Also, most people study from one of a couple of study books, but in reality, the exam is based on almost one hundred references plus the famous 5 years of experience.  In short, READING is one of the most important skill for this exam.

Timothy, Network Support Engineer   2020-07-25 10:37:30
Has completed 250 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 98
Thank you CCCure! I passed the CISSP exam last week and your quiz engine really helped me! I was able to understand where I was at in each Domain, and what areas I needed to study more before taking the actual exam. One suggested improvement would be to have the same countdown timer as what is used during exam although maybe that is not consistent across exam centers? Thank you, Kathy
Kathy Ferguson, BAE Systems   2020-07-15 23:14:26
Has completed 685 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 75.77

Didn't pass CCSP. I believe it's more to do with wording of the actual actual exams ISC2 uses. CCCURE questions are good and will get you to about 80%.

PJW, SOC Manager   2020-06-30 12:20:06
Has completed 772 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 82.9
I really like the testing engine you have. It is great to be able to review the questions you missed, and the questions include where the correct answers are which is very helpful on concepts. I took the CCSP and passed. I do wish you had more questions. I plan on using the service for some other tests that I plan on taking. Thanks
Dave, Security Engineer   2020-06-13 01:54:53
Has completed 419 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 78.52
This was a good practice. I would suggest 25 question per session, 12 times a day. In other words, get roughly 250-300 questions per domain, making it a muscle memory for you to identify certain clues or make mental connection. All in all, it was a good practice, and I am happy this helped me out. Right before my CISSP exam, I did around 2600 questions all together. Last eight days were just CCCure and revising my notes. Took 1 hour 50 minutes and 100 question for me to pass.
Saral K. Shrestha, Network Engineer   2020-06-13 01:02:02
Has completed 2301 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 83.09
Though I had little chance to go through all CCCure questions but whatever I attempted gave incredible help to guage my preparedness for the CISSP examination. The way these questions help you develop a mindset to think like a risk advisor is great asset on anyone's CISSP journey. I have provisionally passed my CISSP examination in previous month and look forward to returning to this portal for next milestone. Thank you Team CCCure. :)
Prakhar, Accenture   2020-02-18 23:31:53
Has completed 185 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 82.7

Quality test banks so far, but that would be better if there is an option that let students take the CISSP exam questionnaires by domain.

Note from Clement: "You do have the option of doing one domain at the time which is what we recommend.   Click on QUIZ, then select NEW QUIZ,  which will take you to the main quiz generation page. On that page, you can select the certification you wish to work on, the specific domain or domains you wish to be tested on as well.   You can pick one domain, two domains, multiple domains, or all of them if you wish.

Landry Djapo, Military/Cybersecurity   2020-02-16 14:20:33
Has completed 2935 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 71.65

I'm giving this a 4 star review due to the awesome nature of the test structure. It does represent what you will see on the exam. However, even after a thousand Security + questions, 90% of the exam covered material that was not included in these practice tests. Please, utilize other study material in conjunction with this site. Do your best to answer these test questions organically and without help, as a 100 question practice exam will be much like the real thing. Learn configurations for WAPs, how to point out a breach on a server, identifying when a breach occurred, virus forms, formats of file types (png, etc), hashing, situations regarding "The BEST" option and visa versa, control types (corrective, preventative, and so on. these were very prominent on my exam). This site is a fantastic tool to help you study, but as stated before, please use other study material in conjunction with this site. Professor Messer's Security + videos and study material was a huge help to me as well as this site. Good luck!

Samuel, IT Support   2020-01-08 18:17:44
Has completed 1101 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 81.29
Passed my CISSP yesterday and I couldn't have done it without the opportunity to cement everything I've learned with your quiz bank. A month of drills made all the difference. Thanks!
Denise Mamaril, Nordstrom   2019-12-31 20:09:11
Has completed 1612 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80.4
I passed my exam last week. Honestly the exam was tough. The questions that i faced was never seen in any of the practice database. But one thing that i can confirm is that practicing all CCCure questions will set your mind for exam, and on the day of your exam your brain will work on auto pilot. The key here is practice as much questions as you can. Below is the strategy that i followed. 1. Practice CCCure all questions in Study mode everyday and make sure the explanations are understood. 2. Once you have see all CCCure questions once, practice again. Initially my score used to be average 65%, but the 2nd time, my score started improving and was average 75 to 80%. 3. practice in Test mode every day 1 exam and scored similar 80%. Till this time i have seen all the questions atleast twice. 4. Practiced Boson exam simulator. It has tough questions and great explanation. This will add an additional confidence layer on top of your mind. Initially i scored poor in Boson i.e. 65%, but i payed attention to the explanation, and then practiced all the questions again and made my own notes. 5. A day before the exam- i just read my notes that i prepared for the questions that i gave wrong answers in CCCure and Boson, and some concepts. THATS IT.... 6. Strategy during the exam - (MOST IMPORTANT THING). Before you start reading the question, skimm the answers first. This will set the context of the question in your mind. Next after you read he questions, rule out the 2 answers. Next choose one of the 2 best answers. Note - majority of the questions will have all the answer choice relevant and will seem correct With this strategy, i completed the exam of 100 questions in just 120 minutes. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.
ZRB, Architect   2019-12-15 19:45:17
Has completed 4891 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 78.53
Passed the CISSP yesterday on my first attempt! I found this site very helpful because it helped me to think from the right perspective (as a manager thinking long term AND establishing/following processes). In addition to this site, I used the CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad, the Cybrary CISSP course by Kelly Handerhan, and some flash cards. Thanks CCCure for providing an excellent and cost effective study tool. I wish good luck to everyone pursuing CISSP.
Jeff Norkoli, Software/Systems Engineer   2019-11-26 13:26:45
Has completed 2593 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 84.11
I took a week long boot camp and used the study questions that they provided. However, based on what I read about the CISSP exam, I felt I needed questions that were a little more rigorous and not as straight forward. A Co-Worker of mine recommended CCCure and I decided to give it a try. The questions that CCCure provided were exactly what I needed in order to prepare for the hardest exam of my life. I really like how everything is separated by domain. That gave me an opportunity to identify which areas needed more of my attention. Having the ability to take a quiz in test mode with questions I had not seen before was the thing the helped me the most. I provisionally passed my CISSP at 150 questions. And I can honestly say if it was not for CCCure, the outcome would have been different. The only recommendation I would have is to add more matching questions.
Stringer Jones, Lane Haper Solutions   2019-11-07 17:38:14
Has completed 1750 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 81.54
Unfortunately after more than a year of prep across more than 5 sites including this one - I did not pass the CCSP exam. My prep test scores across all sites including the ISC2 CCSP book(s) with prep questions are in the high 90's across the board. At least if I sign up for an expensive boot camp it shouldn't be such the challenge. This particular site is AWESOME due especially to the "detail" button! It explains not only the correct answer reasons - but details the reasons behind the incorrect details too. Thank you CCCURE!
Bill Anderson, Booz Allen Hamilton/Threat Intelligence Analyst   2019-11-02 16:40:10
Has completed 403 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 95.29
Thank you very much Clement for your initial guidance (game plan) and continuous support. I cleared CISSP exam on 10/24/2019. CISSP Cert engine was very helpful during preparation. Especially detailed explanation provided for each question. I got less time to go through all the questions. However, i would recommend to start going through Ccure questions atleast 3 months ahead of the exam date and get well versed.
Sridhar Srinivas Margapuri, Boeing India Pvt Ltd   2019-10-30 17:33:09
Has completed 1537 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 67.73

I would say cccure helped in shaping my thinking process, and gave me some level of calmness approaching the exams. At a point I was jittery in the exams, I remembered my average score in cccure, and I just calmed down knowing my cccure should be my worst score no matter what. God helped me all through and I passed the CISSP at my first attempt, all glory to God! Advice: Do at least 2000 questions, but be sure to also read the Study Guide. Do not expect ANY questions you met on cccure to come out of the exams. The pattern is totally different, BUT cccure will help shape your thinking. The exam is tough, not as easy as some say! I spent the whole 3 hours and answered 150 questions. My approach: I approached each question with calmness, concentrated on what I am reading rather than my interpretation of it. I am a technical person and if you are, the exam becomes tougher! Stay within the questions, note well words like MOST, MINIMUM, BEST, LIKELY, FIRST, and NOT as these words are the only pointer you get to decipher what the question is saying and what options could be (if you are technical!). My resources: cccure and the ISC Study guide. More importantly, prepare well, trust God and trust yourself. Total preparation - 7 days effectively. Thanks to those who found cccure, glory to God!

Opeyemi Olatunji, Cyber Risk Consultant   2019-08-24 20:34:06
Has completed 2070 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 72.66

I passed my CISSP exam on the first try! My manager and colleague had formal training through ISC2. I was unable to attend. As a result, they took their exams first. My manager passed while my other colleague did not.

I thought I wasn't going to have a chance since they had a 50% pass rate and they actually took the training. My study materials were the O'Reilly video course and the ISC2 CISSP study book. I used CCCure exclusively for study exams along with the questions provided at the end of each chapter. The questions were not exactly the same as the ones here, but that's the goal. The goal is to get you thinking the way they want you to think in the exam and it seemed to work. Towards the end of my study, I changed the settings to only include questions I hadn't seen before or had missed in the past 10 exams and my average dropped a bit. I felt pretty bad at that point, but apparently, it was for the best because I noticed a few topics I needed to study upon. This morning I still felt ill-prepared, but I guess that's the nature of these exams. Thankfully at the end of the test, I discovered I passed. Cheers!!!

Matthew Hampton, IBM / Cybersecurity Architect   2019-08-04 00:24:27
Has completed 3714 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 78.35
I am glad that I chose CCCure the second time I took the test. CCCure provided me the content that I am looking for which is drilling the concept on each domains. I wish that I subscribe in this site when I was just starting studying for CISSP. I did what everybody does which is to read Shon Harris All-in-one 8th Ed, Sysbex 7th Ed, 11th Hour Study Guide, listen to Cybrary Kelly Handerhan Audio, Boson test engine, Shon Harris All-in-one quiz and index card and CISSP Sunflower. But one thing that I am lacking is the practice test on different test engine. I've only been doing practice test in Boson, I am not saying that Boson is not a good quiz engine, what I am saying is you have to at least try different vendor as well, and I think I only did around 1000 question overall when I took my 1st test and I failed it. Before I took my 2nd test I decided to subscribe to CCCure since I heard a lot of good reviews and I does not want to read a book again. So I followed the guide that was posted on CCCure website which is to get at least 80% on a domain before moving on. I think this is the study technique that I am looking is for, and to my surprise it tested me on my weak areas. When I took the exam the 2nd time I am confident that I will be fine throughout the test. I did 150 questions in almost 3 hours because I took a break in between and I highly suggest to take a break at least once to refresh your mind. Overall, I highly suggest to take your time studying on each domain and make sure you understand why you got it right or wrong. Do at least 3000 questions and go through the whole test bank at least once to maximize your studying. I appreciate Mr. Clement for his last minute guidance that he gave me and his team for contributing to my success!
Alfredo Rodriguez, I.T. Specialist   2019-07-23 12:55:56
Has completed 5408 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 79.09

The cccure test engine really helped me prepare well for the exam. I r.ealised that it was the missing ingredient when I was facing difficulty in my prep initially. The continuous study along with the cccure quiz finally helped me gain the confidence required to attempt the exam. I passed on the first attempt after 3 months of intensive preparation - big part of which was the quiz for each domain. The detailed explanaton with each questions were particulary helpful to clarify doubts and retain inforrmation longer. I would certainly recommend the cccure quiz as an important component of overall CISSP prep. Thanks so much Clement and Team, your eforts in keeping the quiz updated and at high standards are much appreciated!

Veer K Rana, Risk & Compliance Lead   2019-07-20 06:06:44
Has completed 3071 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85.7

1 month ago, I decided to register for the CISSP exam on 22nd June. I was scoring around 65-68% on an average on all the topics in CCCure and the exam was near. I was nervous. My subscription was going to expire on 16th but I always believe things can happen if you ask for them.

I requested CCCURE to extend my subscription by 1 week and Clement was not only generous enough to extend my subscription but he also gave me a gem of advice which really helped me prepare the strategy for a next few days. Practicing questions via CCCURE helped me in 2 big ways: 1. It helped me to get into the CISSP mindset. 2. I was able to identify my weaknesses and work on them. These 2 things made a huge difference in helping me clear the exam in first attempt!

Clement and Team, you're doing a great job by empowering individuals to achieve their goals! Keep it up!!

Thank you!

Amita Sekhri, Azure Cloud Engineer, Microsoft   2019-06-23 11:48:41
Has completed 2127 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 65.91
I cleared the exam today. Wow what a relief. I think cccure played a major role in this. I went to to do the bootcamp and it was amazing. Andrew, our instructor from TIA recommended cccure and i just got hooked on to it. For the exam - I read the official book, solved cccure and did solved the bootcamp exam questions. I also did a bit of Sonny's classroom and itdojo. The best part about CCCure is that the answers have a very detailed explanation on not only why the correct answer is correct but also why the incorrect answer is incorrect. The authors, contributors have worked really hard on coming up with over 1800 questions with amazing descriptions. I did the Bootcamp in May and gave the test today, solved more than 6000 questions and towards the end, was able to maintain around 90%.
Satish, Program Manageer   2019-06-22 21:29:05
Has completed 6452 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 81.74

PASSED TODAY! After studying night in and night out for 4 weeks. I had my test today 6/14 and passed. I couldnt be more excited nor could I be more thankful for the amazing guidance and prep from CCCure. I have read many other testimonials from this site and I can confirm that the test is challenging but not insurmountable. As you can see I took at 35 tests and almost 3500 questions and I needed them all to get the confidence I had going into that testing center today. I can say that Im not a novice to InfoSec but I dont have YEARS of experience either and I passed and substantially increased my knowledge base with this service! While you wont find exact questions, I can tell you that you will find plenty of similarities in question style, answer style and also general test makeup when compared to the testing engine here. Granted I took a multi faceted approach to studying and CCCure was only a part of it, this was without a doubt the most critical aspect of my studying and it paid off. Also I didnt pay for any course in person or online, just good ole fashioned late nights, ink and paper cuts!

Darrell S., Information Security Engineer   2019-06-14 21:49:14
Has completed 3450 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 76.61
So there I was... Sitting in front of the exam computer... Knowing I had bombed the test... But lucky didn't. 9 May 19 - Passed at 2 hours and 40 minutes with 138 questions. About 15% of them I had not seen or had reference to in my studying and practice exams. Prep time: 8 weeks or so. Used: Audible Audiobook Essential CISSP. Listened to all the way though twice with driving back and forth to work. CISSP 11th hour book for the old pre 18 test. The info seems to be about the same, just the domains change. CCCure testing engine. 39 tests. I didn't find any of the questions really close to the real test questions, but the concepts behind the test questions if what got me though. I just recieved my complete the second step of certification email about 30 minutes ago. Finishing the rest now.
William Dill, Consulting\Sr. Systems Engineer   2019-05-11 00:05:02
Has completed 1925 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 72.16

I took CISSP class, bought the practice exam through another provider and took the exam with a failing result in December. A colleague of mine told me of CCCURE and I signed on to use the practice test. I did all my practice questions in a "Pro" mode. I appreciate the way Clement and the CCCURE team analyzed each of the questions in such a convincing way to bring the best answer out. The use of ISC2 CBK as part of the reference material for almost all of the questions reinforced the concept as required by the ISC2. I like the personal notes from Clement to support each of the comments made to the answers. I started my review with each domain. After completing one domain, I will move on to the next one. I reviewed all answers (whether correct or incorrect) in order to master the act very well. I redo each of the questions if I have chosen a wrong answer. After completing the entire domains. I started doing 150 questions across all domains in preparation for the real thing. While you may not see questions exactly like the ISC2 questions in CCURE practice tests, what you will see is the concept behind each questions, you will be able to tell which domain the questions is coming from, you will be able to analyze the question and bring out what they are looking for. After using CCCURE for 18 days, I passed my CISSP exam today 4/27/2019. Thank you to Clement and the entire team.

Opeyemi Ajakaye, Snr. Information Security Analyst   2019-04-28 01:20:42
Has completed 3467 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 78.94

These were the most realistic questions I came across in preparing for the exam, helped me to find the areas I needed to focus on and provided quick concise details on the answers for further study.

Prescott Small, Sr. Security Analyst   2019-04-14 02:51:33
Has completed 836 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 73.8
Passed the CEH v10 (ANSI) exam 04/01/19 with a score of 110/125 (88%). Not that different from the overall percentage on my CCCure practice exams. The CCCure questions are not especially similar to the CEH questions; however they provide appropriate topic coverage. In advance of using CCCure, I completed a two-term CEH course through Purdue University Global. The first term used a CEH v9 (Walker, 2016) text. The second term used a 2012 text that covered ethical hacking but was not aligned with the EC-Council/CEH material. I found the CCCure questions addressed the topics from the CEH v9 text I had and built on it with additional v10 topics like IoT.. Overall CCCure was an effective way to assess my grasp of the CEH material.
Austin Russ, ManTech / Program Manager   2019-04-01 23:04:46
Has completed 1800 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 87.56
I Passed 3/14/2019. After about 2 months of studying. I used the following tools in order: *CBTNuggets- 2018 CISSP course all Videos *Cybrary- 2018 CISSP course all videos *Sybex 8th edition - All chapter Quizzes (review if below 90%) and the 6 bonus exams each of 150 questions *IT Dojo - Questions of the day on youtube *CCCure - Started off with all domains included. After about 1000 questions I switched to Domains I had the lowest % in. All were above 80%. I Only used PRO Learn mode and never changed an answer I got wrong so that is appeared again through out the quizzes. CBTnuggets and Cybrary are great for gaining familiarity with the material. Cybex really drilled deep and solidified the details of each topic. CCCure in PRO mode was just amazing and honestly Id say my favorite/most beneficial resource after learning the concepts. If you know your material, then CCCure WILL prepare you for the test. You will know you're ready if you can read each answer and know WHY it does not fit into what the question is asking. Also, don't get frustrated at the wording in CCCure (Which is why I got a lot of the answers wrong on the PRO exams, though this is training in a way... maybe?). The CISSP test is very clear and concise about what they want in their answers. No question will be nearly as long or hard to read as the PRO questions. If you can decrypt (And I use this modestly) the questions here, then you wont have any issues on the exam. Overall I'd say CCCure is worth the money without a doubt and if they had questions for every certification I took, Id purchase it every time!! (Hopefully you get the ISSEP updated with some new/more questions)
Brian, SOA Engineer IV   2019-03-15 00:07:48
Has completed 1723 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 83.69
Pass the exam in 100 questions. CCCure is a great tool to compliment your reading material. Yes, you have to read material from multiple sources... even after reading multiple books, and thousands of practice questions I still had material on the exam that wasn't covered by anyone. CCCure is not a one stop shop, but was instrumental in identifying the domains I was weak in, with the ability to review those questions in detail. Highly recommend.
Mike, Cyber Security Engineer   2019-03-05 00:06:37
Has completed 7556 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 88.27
Took the CISSP exam 11FEB and passed! CCCure helped with understanding the concepts and definitions. Study mode was very helpful. All the examples of the right answer, and why the other answers were wrong were very beneficial in learning and understand the concepts and definitions. Reason for the missing start, was that the questions in the real CISSP exam is written differently and worded differently than the questions in the CCCure test bank. My recommendation is to write the questions in the way they write it in the test to get our brains ready for the real exam. I'm not saying put the same questions and answers, but write the questions in the CISSP way so we can practice on looking for those key words and to choose the best/most answer. Overall, using this website did help a lot with getting test ready.
Brian, Army   2019-03-04 23:08:03
Has completed 2637 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 87.45

On 2/23/2018 I was able to take the 2018 CISSP Exam and pass. CCure was instrumental in passing this exam along with the CISSP CBK. These two resources are what I would consider to be absolutely essential to my success on these tests. Previously I also used CCCure and the CBK to successfully pass the CCSP in 2017. There are some important considerations to take when being challenged by this exam. First off, no assortment of resources regardless of how good they are will fully prepare you from the test. There are many out there who would say that the questions of the CISSP are deceptive but I didn't find this to be the case at all. I found the CISSP to be pretty straightforward and the test was honestly asking a single question through the whole experience: "Did you put enough time in the security trenches to truly consider yourself a professional" The test will always 100% ask you questions that will be unprepared for or that will not be in your study materials, but what I really found was that the test was probing on how I was thinking and how aligned my mindset was with that of a high level manager in the security field. The best advice I can offer is that make sure you take the top down approach, mentally put yourself in the chair of a CISO in a fictional company in your head and work each question from the top (greatest threat) down to the operations level. Honestly I did not find the test as difficult or the questions as deceptive as others have reported. It was not by any means an easy test. I would recommend at least 30 days of preparation with the CBK and at least 2000 CCCure questions answered in testing mode with a combined average of 80% or higher before you consider attempting the exam. CCCure is a wonderful resource and absolutely essential. I found the CCCure questions to actually be more deceptive than the actual test. While you will not find CCCure questions within the test, the product fulfills an absolutely critical role. It trains your mind to scrutinize every question and read through everything in detail. The kind of deceptive questions in CCCure that make you think the answer is one thing but then punish you later when you see that your thinking was misaligned is exactly the kind of training you need to put you in the right mindset for these tests. I would recommend both CCCure and the CBK as the absolute prime resources to any ISC2 exam. Thank you to the CCCure team, admins, and support staff that put together this amazing resource. 10/5, I would recommend CCCure to any professional looking to challenge themselves against the CISSP, CCSP, or any exam of ISC2 caliber.

Christopher Wright, Cybersecurity Consultant   2019-02-24 16:01:59
Has completed 2000 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85%

Ran out of time studying for the exam. I went ahead and took it and failed. I was highly disappointed in myself. With CCCure, the question examples represent many double negative questions; however, I didn't see that on this exam. I was also upset by the wording of the questions on the CISSP exam. On some questions, I had no idea what ISC was wanting. Will retake! Any feedback will be welcomed.

NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  I am sorry to hear about this. I have seen that your overall average was a bit low, you should reach at least 80% consistently before you feel ready for the real exam.  I would look at your exam results and work hard on any domain marked as "below proficiency".  Those are your weakest domain.   Keep working on the domains until you score CONSISTENTLY above 80% and I am sure you can pass the next time.   I recommend you do your quizzes in TEST MODE and you make use of the timer to get used to do quizzes under the clock like the real exam.  Best regards    Clement

Quick, IT Manager   2019-02-23 21:41:16
Has completed 2550 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 68.63

Took the Pro tests for 5 days and on the 6th day took the exam and passed! Thanks Clement!

Pablo, Sr Cyber Technologist   2019-02-16 21:06:21
Has completed 1556 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80

I sat for the CISSP exam yesterday and passed on the first try! I had taken a SANS boot camp in late November and have been studying ever since. I started taking these quizzes about three weeks ago and found them to be a great help. The detailed explanations of my incorrect answers really helped to clarify my areas of weakness. NOTE: when taking these quizzes it is important to truly understand the concepts, not just the answers. The questions on the actual exam can be vague, sometimes with several correct answers where you have to select the "most correct" answer.

Jim Scott, Louisiana-Pacific   2019-02-15 18:51:06
Has completed 100 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80

I took the CISSP exam this morning, and without going into too much detail about the content, I will say that no particular practice exam quite prepared me for the exact ISC2 writing style or difficulty of questions. You ABSOLUTELY MUST study until you have every single precise detail of the CBK down pat, and then study a couple of weeks more just for good measure. Practice exams like the ones here cannot give you an exact simulation of the CISSP, but anything that helps identify gaps in your knowledge BEFORE you take the exam will be worth its weight in gold. A good vocabulary, reading comprehension, attention to detail, and logical understanding of complex wording is a must. There is no "winging it" or "phoning it in" for this test. You will NOT be comfortable nor very confident in any answer you give on the exam, no matter how much you studied. All you will know at the end is "PASS/FAIL". In my case, I passed in 2 hours after 100 questions. However, it was a rigorous, mentally and emotionally exhausting exam, and I am glad its over. Now I can have my life back.

NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  The unfortunate thing is that you may get between a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 150 questions on your exam.  Those are picked from a very large pool of thousands os questions.  So you must know all of the key topics because you don't know which one will show up.  The way adaptive tests are built, there is a good chance it will be what you DON'T know.

William Hall, AdventHealth   2019-02-15 18:19:34
Has completed 300 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85

I’m extremely happy. I have provisionally passed the CISSP exam yesterday. I knew from friends who used that CCCure that it is a great investment and now I can vouch for it. The detailed explanation at the end of each question was very useful and it helped me understand the material in great depth. I also used the Sybex 8th edition, which was clear material. I did dedicate most of my time in the last two weeks and the result is tasty. Thank you all at CCure. Great material! Faris Mubarek ISO 27001/9001/GDPR consultant

Faris Mubarek, Securedtech- Founder   2019-01-23 10:55:38
I provisionally passed the CISSP exam today! I was told that CCCure was a great investment and it helped with detailed descriptions of the correct answers and where to generally locate them depending on the up-to-date material. I used the ISC(2) CBK fourth edition, Sybex 8th edition, 11th hour, CCCure, Shon Harris practice exams, and took a two week block course to put everything together! Thank you all!
Brian Graack, Cybersecurity Engineer   2019-01-07 17:23:05
Has completed 724 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 73.34

I did not feel that my exam questions were in any way reflective of the exam I prepared; for with the CCCure test engine. I do not intentionally cast blame in any direction other than ISC2. My exam was full of inaccurate poorly worded questions which left me speechless at the final screen. I had no idea that I had actually passed until I was handed the final paperwork and told to have a nice day. If I can give any advice it would be to take off your technical hat and mindset and leave them at the door. Think like a manager....and hope for the best. Thank you for your site and your time.
Note from Clement:  The CISSP exam does contain some very strangely worded questions, our questions are NOT exactly the same but they cover the key topics you need to know.

regihill, Computer Systems Engineer   2018-12-06 22:24:28
Has completed 2585 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 87

Great tool for exposing you to a wide berth of knowledge. I used this in conjunction with the Sybex book, reading a chapter/domain of that, then answer CCCure questions on it. Once I had gone cover-to-cover, I took many, many 100q exams covering everything.  I still recommend this, though.

Michael P, IAM   2018-12-01 21:45:24
Has completed 1805 of 1877, 4773 t questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85.92
Came to this site on a recommendation of a co-worker. Found the engine to provide enormous benefit in my exam preparations, along with a boot camp that I attended. The references attached to the questions definitely helped with areas that I was having issues with. I am happy to report that I passed my exam this afternoon in about half of the allotted time (I tend to read rather fast so I didn't end up taking all of the time), but I didn't have a score flash up on the screen and the lady at the desk said "Congratulations" as she handed me my letter. A huge thank you to Clement is in order! This site is a life saver! Keep up the great work!
Jacob Muha, G2, Inc. / Senior Systems Engineer   2018-11-17 20:01:54
Has completed 1859 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 73.5
First, I want to give thanks for God for allowing me to see this day and to successfully pass the CISSP exam today October 29, 2018. I cleared the exam in just 100 questions! I truly thought I had failed it because I was uncertain about some of the answers, but I was able to narrow it down to the only two that made since. . I have been studying for the last 60 days non-stop for this exam ever since I passed the CISM which you know CISM and CISSP has a lot of overlap. CCCure helped me to pass both exams with in 120 days total. I have told everyone about this site and how it helps you to focus in on the exam. Im going to start preparing for the CISSP-ISSAP exam and I will be looking for this site to help me through. Thanks CCCure for developing an awesome site.
Kelvin Brooks, COA/CISO   2018-10-30 02:14:14
Has completed 1975 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 75

Hi Clement, I wanted to thank you for your valuable service. I listened to your audio/mp3's for the last several months (I have your voice stuck in my head now) and read the books on your recommendation list. I also used the terrific quiz engine to prepare. Your material is fantastic. I was able to pass the exam yesterday on the first attempt. However, the test was nothing like any of the material in the books or test questions. I am honestly not sure how I passed as the test was very confusing and abstract in nature. After the first 10 questions or so, I was not sure I had signed up for the right test. I kept thinking to myself that this test has nothing to do with security at all! It was very strange. I had only 100 questions and 3 hours, I finished in about 50min. Only about 10-15 of the questions where like your quiz engine and about 2-3 of them were very similar. I was thinking, "hey! I have seen this question!" It was not the same, but only similar. The rest of the questions were from I don't know where. I should be happy that I passed, but I am not because I don't think the test was a security test, at least not what I think of. Anyway, thank you for your help!!!

Ryan Lynch, Solutions Architect   2018-10-18 14:53:07
Has completed 3550 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 92

I passed today! The exam was easier than I expected, though the questions demanded a lot more thinking towards the end with little time to spare. So grateful I found this platform. It really helped me eliminate the wrong options which looked right. CISSP requires more than face value thinking and that is exactly how your questions are fashioned. Definitely worth every penny!

Kofi Quist, Systems Administrator   2018-10-17 21:56:06
Has completed 2987 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85

Passed the exam on 10/13/2018. Questions were very confusing (unnecessarily IMHO) and answer I chose for about 95% of the questions felt wrong to me. I got 150 questions. Questions in CCCure are not exactly the same in CISSP exam but I saw the practice questions here as a way to solidify my knowledge rather than a brain dump. All credit should go to CCCure, Larry Greenblat and Kelly from Cybrary. I also wasted $2500 in Global Knowledge class (not worth it). I was more confused after the class. They simply read the book to you for a week. I would rather buy videos from Larry, watch Kelly's free course in Cybrary website and then practice CCCure practice questions. That worked for me at least. Thanks to Larry, Kelly and CCCure (Clement).

Pravin, Newmeyer & Dillion LLP/Cyber Security Engineer   2018-10-15 17:10:35
Has completed All questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80%+
I passed! This is a great test engine. I used the official ISC2 book (with the companion practice tests book), CCCure, and some practice exams from Udemy. I'm not sure what my actual score was, but it stopped me at 110 questions. I don't know if special licensing would be required from SANS/GIAC, but I would really love to see the GPEN and GWAPT available on this site as well.
Tony N, Technology Risk Analyst   2018-10-01 20:19:11
Has completed all of them questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80
Dear Clement, finally i passed today successfully my CISSP exam. (I took the old exam with german/english and 250Q) I want to thank you and your team for all your resources you've provided. To be honest with you - i think i`ve totally over-learned the CISSP CBK because i thought the exam will be extremely hard. In fact -it wasn't ! The hardest part is to stay focussed and alert during the exam.I found nothing what couldn't be prepared using your q- engine, cram guide and your CBT/Audiofiles. Additionally i read complete during painful month Shon Harris, isc(2) official study guide and studied O`Reilly Videos. In the end -again- in the exam there was nothing for what you didn't prepare me with your resources. I've to thank you for "leading" me to this success. Best Joachim
Joachim Dieterle, Freelancer   2018-09-27 15:55:10
Has completed >10k questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80-90%
This was a great study tool that helped me focus and prepare for the test. I could not have done without the question bank and quizzes. I found the answer details extremely helpful in solidifying my understanding of the topics and was well prepared on the test day. If you are looking to ace the CISSP test then would I highly recommend this.
sandhya, Product Security   2018-09-26 17:15:36
Has completed 3672 questions compl questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80%

I managed to pass the exam and found it extremely difficult, much more than the tests done here.

Lots of questions asking about the BEST answer, many others coming out of nowhere or things had never heard of.

Some of them also are work-experience based. Think like a manager and answers that best fulfill against the CIA triad.

I had many questions about Cloud, embedded devices, Network, and SDLC.

NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  If you found our question easier than the real exam, it means you were well prepared and I am not surprised that you passed.  People who score above 80% on our test do really good with the exam.

Juan Quintanilla, SOC Service Delivery Manager at Airbus   2018-09-21 11:28:16
Has completed 887 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of Around 80

Hi, I just passed my exam last monday. The test engine is good in explanation when you have a wrong answer . It helped me a lot how to read and justify for the right answer and passing the exam in new format. Advice is to add some new questions regarding current security issues, e.g. GDPR. I will continue to use this site maybe for doing CCSP. Regards, Cor

NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  GPDR is not on the CBK yet.  The 2018 CBK is based on information from 1.5 years ago.

Cor Mouthaan, bank, devops engineer   2018-09-12 18:27:23
Has completed all of them questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85

The study and test modes worked well to prepare me for the exam.

Harry, US Army Retired   2018-08-21 22:12:28
Has completed 970 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 85

Good test engine to get familiar with the type of questions.

However, some questions with a source of the 4th edition of the Official CISSP Preparation Guide, although they are still valid technology wise, seems to be a bit outdated to me.

Hence I wouldn't waist to much time on them anymore.


Oliver, the exam is based on concepts, not on technology.  In fact, it is product and technology agnostic.  Concepts don't change over time and remain the same.  Technology changes all the time.  We cannot use a newer reference along with the questions until the certification and the book publisher comes out with their new version.   The 4th Edition book from ISC2 is 100% applicable to the new April 2018 CBK.   Best regards   Clement


Oliver, Sales Manager   2018-08-02 03:53:43
Has completed approx. 1.400 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of above 80%

Thank you for a good test engine. It helped me to understand the way the questions are made during the exam, the kind of thinking and the need one as exam taker need to have reading the questions carefully. I passed my exam after failing a couple of times previously. When I clicked the submit button I was more than confident I had passed. You have an amazing site, looking forward to use it in other future certifications. Oscar - Costa Rica.

Oscar Monge, Cloud Security Engineer   2018-07-16 15:25:00
Has completed 786 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 90
Just want to add my gratitude for all the work you put in coming up with questions that really prepared me for the CISSP exam. I was using other practice exam engine before and I was getting 100%, but still failed on my first try a month ago. I did more research and tried CCCure. The practice questions helped, but more importantly the explanations. It helped so much that the explanation was not limited to the correct answer, but you also explain why the other choices were incorrect. I will use CCCure again. By the way, I passed the test yesterday, 7/12/2018.
Jonald Gonzalez, Health Catalyst/Systems Administrator   2018-07-13 06:33:40
Has completed 1341 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 80

I just wanted to drop the site a quick “Thank You”. I used a number of sources in addition to this website to study for the CISSP exam. After months of self study and a one week boot camp I passed my test yesterday on the first attempt. Taking the quizzes (in study mode) as if they were a test was a huge learning aid. By reviewing all questions under the details tab provided excellent study material in addition to why for the correct answers and reasons for the incorrect. The questions prepared me well for the style of question found on the certification exam. Thank you for your site, it was money well spent!

Kevin, Information System Security Manager   2018-06-11 03:34:14
Has completed 2038 questions on the quiz.   |   Has maintained an overall average of 70

CCCure's quiz engine was a great help to ensuring I was prepared for the CISSP exam. What helped was going through each incorrect answer. Some have great explanations and that’s enough. Some don’t go into much detail, but then I would research it myself to make sure I understood the reasoning behind the answer. This helped enormously. The other piece I liked was the exposure to terminology. There’s at least 4-5 questions I had on the CISSP that I was able to easily answer just because I had just seen the concept/term used in a practice question in CCCure. The other piece was helping reduce my anxiety around the test - after all it’s been years since I’ve taken exams and going through a ton of practice ones really helps get you comfortable. I think practice tests help in a couple of ways. First, they’re a good level set for figuring out how strong you are and what you need to focus on. Second, review during the week before the exam, and especially using the option to not reuse any questions to make sure you maximize exposure to different concepts and terminology to get comfortable. Great stuff. Recommended!

Mike Berthold, CA Technologies, Pricinpal Presales Consultant   2018-05-17 15:04:16

This is a great Platform to practice CISSP and all the certification exam preparation. Quiz engine is user friendly, easy to use with all type of support. accept user changes and make as per user requirement.

kalpesh Rank, Evince Developement Lead Programmer   2018-05-11 10:18:22

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I used this website to study in addition to a 2-weeks CISSP bootcamp in Hawaii and passed my test on the first attempt. Reviewing the questions in a test type atmopshere and being able to review the correct answers and why they other options were incorrect really helped. The certification exam felt almost easier than the practice tests on this webiste.

Chris R., Communications Officer at USN   2017-02-14 18:31:32

As a CISSP instructor, I recommend to all my students as it is the largest and just the very best site out there to help students to pass this tough certification exam. Most of the CISSP textbooks out there are also referring to this spectacular site as well. I make it mandatory for all students to go through all the questions in all eight domains before sitting for the exam. The questions are to the point, well structured, and close to real life exam. In addition to the questions, I can say that Clement's 50 hours videos are undoubtedly the best videos we can find anywhere on CISSP. The goal is not only to help students to pass but also to make sure they have the knowledge to be effective at their jobs. Students will also find the drag and drop, summary notes, and scenario-based questions to be very effective.

Sohel Akhter, MSc, PMP, CCNA, ISMS, CISSP   2017-02-10 20:16:52

I passed my CISSP last week and your site was the main resource I used for my CISSP.  I subscribed for your testing engine for a month as well and it was really a nice resource to have. I wish, I would have taken it for a 3 months period. I studied from different resources and your website was the most comprehensive of all.

Puneet Tikoo, ICT Manager   2017-01-14 02:18:55

I would like to thank you for everything you done.  I’ve successfully passed the exam!  The resources you’ve provided is extremely helpful.  If there is anything you need from me, please feel free to ask!

Ryan Clark, Security Expert   2017-01-13 20:33:34

I made good use of your quiz engine subscription and even passed the CISSP exam after using cccure for 28 days.  Thank you so much!

I have now introduced your engine to one of my friends, he bought your one month license and also passed the exam 2 days back.. !

David Nathaniel, Security Engineer @ Symantec   2016-11-25 11:30:01

I would like to thank you for everything you have done, I’ve successfully passed the exam!  The resources you’ve provided is extremely helpful.  If there is anything you need from me, please feel free to ask!

Jack Mou, Manager   2016-09-21 11:04:47

I just wanted to pass on my thanks. I successfully passed my CISSP exam today.  I think it was the toughest most grueling exam I have completed in my career to date.

I believe my success was largely down to completing the course with you in Dublin, the CCCure Quiz engine,  so I will definitely buy you a pint of Guinness the next time you are in Dublin :)
Denis Finnegan, Cloud Services Expert   2016-08-16 04:59:55