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PAID Membership Details

The PAID membership license is for a SINGLE USER who wishes to buy a subscription to our quiz engine.

The PAID license will allow you to:

  • Access to our quiz engine.
  • Access to Multiple Choices questions (about 85% of the real exam use this type of question)
  • Access to Scenario Based questions (about 11% of the real exam use this type of question)
  • Access to Hotspot and Drag and Drop questions (about 4% of the real exam use this type of question)  
  • Have access to ALL of the certifications available on the quiz website.   You pay once, and you get access to everything.
  • Subscription can be for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months (A full year).
    • The more months you buy, the deeper the discount will be.
  • Every single quiz performed are tracked and you can review them later on.
    • Allowing you to focus your studies on areas that need the most improvement.
    • Allowing you to identify which topics within each of the domain you need to study more.
    • Allowing you to drill down on your weak areas.
  • Scientific studies have clearly shown that using Quizzes significantly increases your retention of the material, thus your chance of passing the exam.
  • You can take as many quizzes as you wish during your membership period.
  • The quiz engine with its very thorough explanations will become one of the most important tools in your preparation for the exam.
  • And many other features.

Overall, the quiz will give you access to the best tool you can find to pass your certification exam.


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Rebecca Dupuis

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