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Project Management Professional  (PMP) certificate training

What is The PMP certification?

The Project Management Professional or PMP certification, a widely admired project management qualification, assesses a candidate's ability to oversee a professional project's people, procedures, and business objectives.

As per the Project Management Institute (PMI), which manages the certification, there are over a million PMP holders globally.

It is helpful to project managers in each sector, including business, information technology (IT), engineering, and healthcare. You should pass a certification exam & have the necessary experience to acquire the certification.

Why The PMP?

Below are some factors to consider if you're still unsure about whether you should pursue a PMP certification:

  • Improved professional skills that stand out to recruiters on your CV and in the real world
  • Strengthens your understanding of the primary methods, tools, and procedures used in project management
  • A well-recognized certification with over 5 million PMP-certified professionals
  • high level of industry recognition. PMP-certified project managers are used in 80% of prominent projects.
  • More compensation. You can get a 25% worldwide to raise compared to non-PMP project managers.
  • Better cross-industry networking chances

What’s On The PMP Exam?

Multiple-choice, multiple answers, matching, hot areas, and limited fill-in-the-blank questions are all included in the PMP exam pattern. Within 230 minutes, applicants must respond to 180 questions for three domains. The examination's predictive methods for managing projects make up around half of the sample, while hybrid or agile approaches make up the other half.

The types of questions on the exam often fall into three categories. The weighted average for each domain and question topic is as follows:

1. People - Contains 42 questions and covers topics such as Team Leading, Managing Conflicts, Team Building, Supporting Team Performance, and Other related topics.

2. Process - Contains 50 questions and covers topics such as project execution, assessing and managing risks, budget management and resources, and determining the best methodologies for the project, among others.

3. Business Environment - Contains eight questions and covers topics such as evaluating and addressing business environment changes, supporting organizational changes, and other related topics.

Jobs That Hire For PMP

For project managers seeking a career change, the following positions are listed:

1. General manager

2. Account manager

3. Business developer

4. Service manager

5. Account executive

6. Consultant

7. Business analyst

8. Program manager

9. Superintendent

10. Director of operations

11. Chief executive officer

Ways To Prepare For The PMP Exam

Check out these three strategies that project management professionals typically do while preparing for exams to go on with confidence.

1. Presume the finish line.

Make a goal statement that describes why getting the PMP is essential to you, and reread it frequently to keep you motivated during the preparation period.

  • Set aside time to study regularly in the weeks or months before the big day.
  • Make a study schedule that considers your work and family responsibilities.
  • Inform people of your objective so they may support you in achieving it.
  • Ask your manager for assistance. Check to see whether your employer will let you study during working hours.

2. Explore the terrain.

Find out more regarding the 180-question format of the exam:

  • There will be various questions, including restricted fill-in-the-blank, hotspot, matching, multiple-choice, and multiple solutions.
  • Review the PMP exam content overview.

3. Create a plan of action.

How can you find the best exam preparation resources?

  • You can locate a study group or members ready to mentor you by contacting local PMI chapters.
  • Authorized training providers to aid in exam preparation.
  • You can find CCCure quiz questions online or as a part of accredited training courses.

What Skills Will You Learn After PMP certification?

Below are the top skills the PMP certification helps candidates develop.

  • Motivation - Motivational coaching is among the first skills that the PMP certification will assist you in improving.
  • Communication - Effective communication is among the most crucial skills for a project manager.
  • Problem Solving - Project managers receive specialized training to solve problems that require a thorough understanding of project management methods and tools.
  • Decision Making - All PMP certification applicants are trained to get familiar with all methods that improve the decision-making process.
  • Conflict Management - Any project will always encounter conflict. Thus project leaders require the ability to deal with it.

Please participate in the CCCure PMP quiz questions by subscribing to one of our membership plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About PMP Certification

  • Is PMP certification internationally recognized?
  • The PMP certification is recognized worldwide. There are more than a million PMP-certified professionals worldwide. Experienced project managers who pass the PMP certification test are given a PMP certificate.
  • Is PMP Certification really worth it?
  • As other project managers have stated, this certification has a high ROI. A project manager who is PMP certified earns 20% more money than an uncertified project manager.
  • Is getting PMP certified difficult?
  • Although the PMP exam is renowned for being challenging, PMI must provide exact information on the passing score or failure rate. Only around half of first-time examinees pass the PMP exam, according to certain polls of project experts, who anticipate a 40% to 50% failure rate.
  • Is PMP Certification still in demand in 2022?
  • The PMP certification is widely coveted across industries. There is a demand for trained and skilled project management specialists anywhere there are projects.
  • Which one is better, MBA or PMP Certification?
  • Employers can immediately recognize someone with a PMP certification since they have fundamental skills. Specialized expertise that an MBA typically lacks is provided by PMP certification training, which has a higher value in the professional world.
  • How long is PMP Certification valid?
  • The PMP certification lasts three years. To secure it, you'll need to spend 60 hours on professional growth throughout that period. If not, you can register to retake the exam.

What They’re Saying

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Fernando A. Bramwell

Cohort 12

Passed the CISSP on the first try! Great product in combination with some books.

Mark Maxwell


I attempted and passed the CISSP exam today in 1st attempt. Would like to take both the individual who recommended CCCURE and the CCCURE team for a great platform to self-assess the preparedness.


VP, Resilience Risk, Retal and Wealth

I passed so that's pretty great. I used this site almost exclusively to pass my test.

Russell Collins


I passed the actual exam today. Couldn't be happier to get that garbage test out of the way. I used this as my primary source of learning the material and it obviously works.

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I used CCCURE for CISSP, CCSP, Security+, CASP, and Network+. The questions were great and very similar to the exams. I have a lot of experience in these areas already so these practice exams were exactly what I needed to refresh on areas I needed.

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CCCure is an outstanding resource for CISSP test practice. I like how I was able to create domain specific quizzes of ~50 questions, and then full length tests ~130 questions across all domains. This helped me improve in focused areas, and also gain confidence in my overall test taking aptitude. I practiced until I had seen all the available practice questions and was consistently in the 80%-90% range. I passed the CISSP on my first try. I saw approximately 130 questions, and took ~ 2.5 hours to finish the exam. The CCCure questions are on target as far as testing both general, and ve...

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Comcast Business / Sr. Solutions Engineer

Passed my CISSP on 5/31/2022. Went through the whole 150 questions like a champ but was very nervous about it. I attend a couple of boot camps offered by my job and used cccure and boson exams engine to study. Initially I was making the mistake of not taking the time to understand the ask of each question. After several practice exams I finally got a grip on the nature of how the questions are asked. The CISSP is mostly scenario based questions and the practice exams helps in training the mind in understand the scenarios. Materials Used: CCCURE test engine Boson Test engines 11th hour M...



I PASSED THE SECURITY PLUS EXAM WITH A 754. This test bank will get you the methodology of the test, but the content will differ slightly. I attempted the exam twice. My primary means of studying were Prof. Messer videos and this test bank.

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