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What is a CISA or Certified Information Systems Auditor?

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification instantly validates your expertise and skills in auditing, control, and information security. It proves you can assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance, and validate and enhance controls in an enterprise. That's why hiring managers and clients look for it, and many businesses and government agencies require it.

Globally, across all responsibility levels, the average salary for a CISA-certified professional is 44% greater than their peers certified in other areas, as stated in the global knowledge: 2017 IT skills and salary report.

Earn the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications are globally accepted and recognized. They combine the achievement of passing a CISA Exam with credit for your work and educational experience, giving you the credibility you need to move ahead in your career. Certification proves to employers that you have what it takes to add value to their enterprise. Many organizations and governmental agencies around the world require or recognize this certification.

Independent studies consistently rate CISA’s designations among the highest-paying IT and impactful certifications an IT professional can earn. Earning and maintaining a CISA certification:

  • Boosts your earning potential
  • Counts in the hiring process
  • Enhances your professional credibility and recognition

Responsibilities of a Certified Information Systems Auditor

Certified information systems auditors usually evaluate a company's technological systems and determine any weaknesses in the organizational processes. Implementing an audit plan to examine possible risk areas and the execution and supervision of such an audit are frequently given to CISAs.

A CISA is sometimes closely involved in both the procedures before and after an audit. A CISA will assess a company's goals, processes, and risks before testing to better understand its possible weaknesses and strengths. After the audit, a CISA presents the audit results to the management and usually suggests actions.

If and when management approves and implements ideas, the CISA is frequently involved in installing and monitoring security enhancements. It entails conducting new tests once the suggested actions have been taken or verifying that management has implemented control modifications.

A CISA will work primarily on less formal projects with management on review procedures, developing risk strategies, carrying out continuity planning, supervising IT staff, and managing audits. A CISA could also create and uphold current IT standards, guidelines, or policies.

Certified Information Systems Work Experience Requirements

At least five years of work experience in information systems auditing, control, or security are required of CISA applicants. Candidates may choose from several work experience waivers and substitutes for up to three years.

  • A maximum of one year's experience in information systems OR one year's experience in auditing that is entirely irrelevant to information systems (Instead, one year's worth of job experience.)
  • Completed university semester points ranging from 60 to 120. (Sixty points are equivalent to one year of work experience, whereas 120 points are equivalent to two years.)
  • a master's degree in information technology or security(Instead, one year's worth of job experience.)
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution that runs such courses and any CISA course (Instead, one year's worth of job experience.)

A university instructor may augment one year of job experience with two years of experience in a relevant discipline, such as computer science, information systems auditing, or accountancy.

Benefits of the Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification

The CISA certification is a certification of quality in information system auditing that is recognized on a global level. A CISA certification has the following benefits:

  • A favorable position in the job market and terms of job growth.
  • A rise in the individual's worth inside the organization.
  • Increased respectability at the job. It's because passing the exam has been accomplished, and work and academic experience have been acknowledged.
  • Help attain high professional standards with the Continuing Professional Education program and CISA certification requirements.
  • Confirmation of a person's subject-matter knowledge, experience, and skill. It shows that they can overcome any problems that may come their way.

Frequently Asked Questions About CISA

  • How Do I Become a Certified Information Systems Auditor?
  • CISA exam completed within the previous five years. Possess the full-time job experience required by the CISA exam's curriculum. Including the application processing fee and submitting the CISA Certification Application.
  • How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Information Systems Auditor?
  • Depending on your knowledge of auditing and IT security and your available time, you might be prepared to take the test in three to six months.
  • What Does a Certified Information Systems Auditor Do?
  • Implementing a risk-based audit plan for information systems (IS) is one of a CISA's primary responsibilities. IT asset protection, management, and value can all be assessed using planning audits.
  • What is a passing score for CISA?
  • The candidate's raw score is turned into a passing score of 450 on a range of 200–800.
  • How much experience do you need for CISA?
  • You should have five years of work experience in information systems auditing, control, assurance, or security within the last ten years of the application submission date to be eligible for CISA.

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